How to Find TikTok Influencer: Tips for Marketing on TikTok

How to Find TikTok Influencer: Tips for Marketing on TikTok

In recent years, TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world with its viral short videos. TikTok is available in over 150 countries now, and it has more than 1 billion monthly active users.

Realizing the huge traffic of TikTok, lots of brands and sellers begin to consider TikTok influencer marketing when developing marketing strategies. If you are new to TikTok, read this article and you will know more about TikTok influencer marketing.

What brands are more suitable for TikTok influencer marketing?

Before planning for TikTok marketing campaigns, you need to figure out what kind of products are more suitable for TikTok influencer marketing campaigns. Based on the features of TikTok videos and the demographics of TikTok users, WinInfluener has listed the following types of products that are more suitable for TikTok marketing.

  1. Inexpensive products
    Statistics show that a great part of TikTok users are aged between 16 and 24, and these young users, with less budget, are more likely to buy products at a lower price.

  2. Entertaining products
    Various types of videos can be found on TikTok, but entertainment videos are usually the most viewed videos. If you plan to market entertaining products or services like games, and concert tickets, you will find a great number of target consumers on TikTok.

  3. Products with simple features
    Although the maximum length of TikTok videos has been extended to 10 minutes, the dominance of short videos in TikTok is still unshakeable, so it's more appropriate to promote products with simple features and easy to showcase in videos of only a few minutes. These products include clothes, cosmetics, household items, and more.

  4. Eye-catching products
    Products equipped with unique or creative features can attract the attention of TikTok users more easily. For example, a video of an interesting drawing robot has received 1.3 million views on TikTok.


TikTok influencer marketing ideas for brands

You can work with influencers to promote your brands and products on TikTok in the following ways

  1. Mention products directly
    This is a simple way to promote your products. Influencers will place the ads in their videos, and they will mention the features of the products directly and attract the audience to purchase the products.

  2. Unboxing and review
    Product unboxing and review is one of the popular ways to promote a product. In this type of video, influencers will display the products in detail and share their experience of using products to help the audience have a better understanding of the products. Compared to videos shot by ordinary customers, TikTok influencers may incorporate their creativity into unboxing videos to make them more interesting and thus attract more views.


  1. Lifestyle vlogs
    Integrating products in lifestyle vlogs is a more natural way to promote your products. Influencers can share their daily lives in vlogs, where products appear naturally, and the audience is more likely to be attracted.

For example, if you are working with a TikTok influencer to promote an electric toothbrush, the influencer can start by waking up in the morning and filming how they spend a day. Then he/she can use the electric toothbrush while washing up, revealing the brand and showing the effect after using it.

source: @nataliadifolco

  1. Story / Skit
    Another marketing idea is to ask influencers to promote your products through stories or skits.
    Such kind of content is interesting and it's more likely to go viral. In this way, it can not only help your products gain more exposure but also deepen the audience's impression of the products.
    However, this type of content requires influencers to have the ability to come up with creative ideas and make them into videos. To find the right influencers to create such content, don't forget to check the quality of influencers' previous videos before collaboration.

How to choose TikTok influencers?

Now that we have mentioned finding influencers, we will talk about how to choose the right influencers for your marketing campaigns.

Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok's algorithm is decentralized and prioritizes video quality, so videos of high quality are more likely to be recommended by the algorithm and get more exposure.
Therefore, you can consider the following aspects when choosing influencers.

  1. Types of video content
    Different types of video content will attract different audiences. To reach the target audience more accurately, when choosing influencers, it's necessary to know what kind of videos the influencers are making.
    For instance, if you plan to market a litter box for cats, you can consider collaborating with influencers to share videos related to cats to reach people who potentially own cats.
    source: @haahappy

  2. Video views
    As mentioned above, TikTok's algorithm pays more attention to the quality and popularity of videos, so it's common to find that some content creators who are new to TikTok gained millions of video views while some videos of influencers with lots of followers received fewer views.

Therefore, instead of the number of followers, recent video views are more important when choosing influencers.

  1. Creativity
    Since a large part of TikTok users are young, aged between 16-24, they tend to be attracted by creative videos, so it helps your brands and products get more exposure if you can work with creative content creators.

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