How to Find YouTube Influencers for Brand Collaborations?

How to Find YouTube Influencers for Brand Collaborations?

As one of the biggest social media platforms, YouTube has been considered an important platform for marketing, and many brands will consider working with YouTube influencers when planning their campaigns. To help make influencer marketing easier for brands, we will talk about how to find or search YouTube influencers efficiently in this article. 

1. Search directly on YouTube

One of the easiest ways for influencer discovery is to search directly on YouTube. You just need to enter keywords in the form of "product+review", "product+unboxing", and "product+tutorial" in the search box, and you will find relevant videos and corresponding influencers.

For example, if you need YouTube influencers who are suitable for promoting earbuds, you can enter "earbuds review", and then YouTube will show you videos about earbuds and the corresponding content creators. 


In addition, you can also find influencers on YouTube with the help of your competitors. 
Since the requirements for influencers of your brand and your competitors are similar, so the influencers who have collaborated with your competitors may also be great fits for your brand's campaigns.
Therefore, enter the brand name of your competitors in the search bar, and you will find the influencers you need in the search results. 

If you need to find influencers that are based in different countries and speak other languages, you can switch the region and language of our YouTube account to find the influencers you want. 

Although this search method is very simple, it takes time for you to find influencers with small followings because the search results are often ranked by the video views, which makes it hard for you to see micro-influencers. 

2. Find more influencers through the influencers you know

If you check the YouTube channels of influencers carefully, you will find more similar channels in the channels section. For example, we can find more other tech channels in this section of the well-known tech channel Marques Brownlee.

3. Search for YouTube influencers on Google

We can search for a list of influencers that have been collected by others on Google. You can enter keywords like "best/top+product/category+YouTubers" to get a list of related influencers from the search results, but just like searching on YouTube, most of the influencers in the lists are mega influencers that charge a lot. 
If you have a limited budget, you can try searching with more detailed keywords to find influencers within your budget. 

4. Find influencers on influencer marketing platforms

In addition to the three methods mentioned above, you can also use influencer marketing platforms like WinInfluencer to find suitable influencers more efficiently.

What you can do with WinInfluencer?

Discover influencers precisely

WinInfluencer provides brands with up to 20 million data of global influencers on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. And you can find the right influencers precisely with the help of 16 types of filters and a detailed analysis of influencers on this platform. 

Reach influencers efficiently

You can reach influencers for collaboration efficiently by sending emails in bulk on WinInfluencer and improve your email-sending strategies according to the data such as email open rate. Have no idea how to write an email? You can use the email templates which cover the whole process of collaboration with influencers to communicate with influencers.

Publish campaigns easily

You can attract more content creators to apply for collaboration by publishing campaigns on WinInfluencer. The campaigns will be exposed to suitable influencers according to the requirements, and you will receive applications from influencers for collaborations soon. 
Try WinInfluencer for free now to make influencer marketing easier!

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